Casey Kerry Blue Terrier

The Importance Of The Stud Dog

One half of the breeding equation is the stud dog. Many times in breeding, the emphasis is on the bitch with an assumption that finding a breeding partner for her is relatively easy. This is faulty reasoning on many levels. Management of the stud dog is time consuming and involves as much responsibility as is placed upon the bitch owner. Decisions about health testing, how often to allow the stud to be used, whether to accept bitches, store frozen semen or to allow natural breedings are just some of the issues stud dog owners face. In addition, a criterion must be established as to what constitutes an acceptable bitch for each male offered. The execution of a stud dog contract with each breeding is useful for the protection of all parties involved.

At Casey Kerry Blue Terriers, we define a male as a stud dog only if he is proven and has something to contribute to the breed. An impressive win record and famous dogs in his pedigree make for ringside bragging rights but don't always indicate his worth as a stud dog. Such worth is only proven over time.

We currently offer three males for consideration to interested bitch owners. We will be happy to discuss each one and what he has contributed to previous litters. Casey Kerry Blue Terriers has been fortunate to have other breeders incorporate our stud dogs into their lines. Each male is pictured below with examples of puppies he has sired. A pedigree of each dog can be viewed, or in the case of littermates or repeated breedings, only one pedigree may be shown.

This is Am/Can BISS Ch Tontine's Desmond Dwyer, ROM (Desmond). 19 1/2 in., medium blue/gray, open and wavy coat with color retained throughout his life. Full dentition, high tailset. Excellent movement. Health tested. Clearances available upon request. Frozen semen only available.

Tontine's Desmond Dwyer, ROM (Desmond)

Pedigree of Tontine's Desmond Dwyer

These five dogs were sired by BISS Am/Can Ch Tontine's Desmond Dwyer, ROM. They represent four litters from four bitches. On the right, Ch. Tontine's Rumrunner O'Blue Bay, owned by Anthony and Linda Lopez (Blue Bay), was a top 10 Kerry and important sire in their line.  Ch. Casey's Burst of Sunshine, sired Lynn Mather's (Blue Mountain) foundation male. Ch. Pawsatively The Devils Are Dancing, ROM, is a silver ROM with only two litters. Ch. Pawsatively A Handsome Devil is her littermate. Ch. Blu Mtn's Lavender Blue Dilly, group, specialty winner and foundation bitch of Blue Mountain Kerries.

These dogs were successful in the show ring and have sired or produced multiple champions and grand champions themselves.

Tontine's Rumrunner O'Blue Bay

Pedigree of Tontine's Rumrunner O'Blue Bay

Casey's Burst of Sunshine

Pedigree of Casey's Burst of Sunshine

Pawsatively the Devils are Dancing

Pedigree of Pawsatively the Devils are Dancing

Pawsatively  a Handsome Devil

Pedigree of Pawsatively a Handsome Devil

Blue Mtn's Lavender Blue Dilly

Pedigree of Blue Mtn's Lavender Blue Dilly

This is Ch. BluMtn's Ramb'l Gambl'n Man (Tucker). An elegant, stylish dog, son of Ch. BluMtn Lavender Blue Dilly. He was 19 1/2 in. with a dark slate coat. Tucker had a beautiful head with a small dark eye, smaller ears and full dentition. His temperament was outstanding. Frozen semen available. Health tested with clearances available upon request.

BluMtn's Ramb'l Gambl'n Man (Tucker)

Pedigree of BluMtn's Ramb'l Gambl'n Man

These three dogs were sired by Ch. BluMtn's Rambl'n Gambl'n Man and are representative of what he contributes to his offspring. They represent two litters from two different bitches. Ch. Jorkaite's Double O Slevin is on the right and his littermate sister, Ch. Jorkaite's Keeper of Kirkpatrick, is below on the right. Both were owner handled to their championship before they were two years of age. Ch. Lovesong's Blue Diamond, a bitch, below left, finished with a BOS specialty win from the classes. She has produced champions as well.

Jorkaite's Double O Slevin

Lovesong's Blue Diamond

Pedigree of Lovesong's Blue Diamond

Jorkaite's Keeper of Kirkpatrick

Pedigree of Jorkaite's Keeper of Kirkpatrick

This is MBIS GCH Tontine's Chance Redemption (Danny). 19 in., medium, blue/gray color, smaller ears, nice head, small dark eye with a hard terrier expression and full dentition. An elegant dog with naturally arching neck and short back. Good reach and drive, plenty of substance, great show attitude and ring presence. Fresh chilled semen available. Health tested with clearances available upon request.

Tontine's Chance Redemption (Danny)

Pedigree of Tontine's Chance Redemption (Danny)

Casey's Denali of Keriwhit

Pedigree of Casey's Denali of Keriwhit

These ten dogs were sired by MBIS GCH Tontine's Chance Redemption. They represent three litters from two different bitches. On the left is Casey's Denali Of Keriwhit, pointed, owner handled. First row below, left to right, Ch. Pawsatively The Devils Redemption, Ch. Pawsatively Up Jumped The Devil and Ch. Pawsatively The Devil's Tempest. Second row Ch. Tontine's Pawsatively Bedeviled returned to Lou Perry (Tontine) to rebuild her line. She produced two puppies both currently showing, Bronze GCh. Pawsatively The Devil Sent A Serpent, multiple group placer and Bronze GCh. Casey's Pawsatively Choice. Bottom row, left to right, Ch. Pawsatively One Last Time for Kavanaugh, PawsativelyThe Devils Are Smiling and Ch. Pawsatively Dance With The Devil.

Pawsatively The Devils Redemption

Pawsatively Up Jumped The Devil

Pedigree of Pawsatively Up Jumped The Devil

Pawsatively The Devil's Tempest

Pedigree of Pawsatively The Devil's Tempest

Tontine's Pawsatively Bedeviled

Pedigree of Tontine's Pawsatively Bedeviled

Pawsatively The Devil Sent A Serpent

Pedigree of Pawsatively The Devil Sent A Serpent

Casey's Pawsatively Choice

Pawsatively The Devils Are Smiling

Pedigree of Pawsatively The Devils Are Smiling

Pawsatively One Last Time For Kavanaugh

Pedigree of Pawsatively One Last Time For Kavanaugh

Pawsatively Dance With The Devil