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German Pinschers were officially recognized by the AKC in 2003. They rank 136th, out of 175 recognized breeds, in popularity.


Axel's nickname is The Whale. A gambling term for a high roller who bets huge amounts, going all in. Axel's high prey drive and general approach to life definately fit this definition.

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GCh Nevars Polaris Temerity


Registration: WS37756102 (AKC) Sire: WS15613401  
Breed: GERMAN PINSCHER Dam: WS28036307
Sex: M *Titles:
Color: BLACK CHIC #: 91926
Birthdate: Jun 9 2011 Addtl. Reg. #


 OFA Number Registry  Test/Film
 Report Date  Age  Final Conclusion 
GMP-VW123/16M-VPI VON WILLEBRANDS Oct 11 2012 Oct 22 2012 16 CLEAR
GMP-371G24M-VPI HIPS Jul 2 2013 Jul 22 2013 24 GOOD
GMP-TH73/24M-VPI THYROID Jul 2 2013 Jul 25 2013 24 NORMAL
GMP-EYE54/25M-VPI EYES Jul 29 2013 Aug 14 2013 25 NORMAL
GMP-CA174/25M/C-VPI-ECHO CARDIAC Jul 29 2013 Aug 19 2013 25


GCH Nevars Polaris Temerity (Axel) was born on June 9, 2011.  He was bred by Lyn Stuby (Nevar) and Amy Issleib (Temerity). His sire is CH Xitamiz Moltaz and his dam is CH Adel Irrestible Temerity of Nevar, RN.  After researching the breed for nearly ten years we felt the quality was sufficiently improved for us to bring one home.

Axel is full of energy but easy to train. He is a serious dog with ring presence and great physical strength. Axel is up for everything but loves to spend hours chasing squirrels in the yard.

German Pinschers are shown in the Working Group and we have a lot to learn about showing a Working dog. 

German Pinschers have the same good looks as a Doberman but are not a smaller version of that breed.  They are the older breed and were used to develop the Doberman. Many people familiar with Working dogs regard this smallest member of the Working group as a terrier in temperament.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  While he has high prey drive he lacks the single-mindedness common to most of the Terrier breeds. 

There are four approved colors of German Pinschers: Black and red, red, Isabella (fawn) and blue. According to long-time breeders the black dogs tend to be more reserved while the reds are more outgoing, almost silly. No matter what color they need continuous training and mental stimulation.  

We are members of the German Pinscher Club of America.