Casey Kerry Blue Terrier

Guide to Setting Kerry Blue Ears

The distinctive look of the Kerry Blue Terrier is due in part to the correct set of his ears. To achieve this the breeder begins the setting, or pasting, process at about 12 weeks of age. This is a painless, non-surgical process that involves gluing the ears in the desired position to the top of the head. After about four weeks, the growing hair has loosened the glue, much like braided hair will loosen over time. The puppy is returned to the breeder and the ears are clippered down, cleaned and re-set.

If you are not near anybody who can assist you in this process, it can be easily done by yourself with maybe an assistant to help steady the puppy. Here is a guide to follow in setting the puppy's ears. There are probably as many different methods as there are breeders, but this is a general how-to-guide that is easy to follow and includes pictures and diagrams. Click below to view the guide.

Ear Setting Guide

Kerry Dog with Ears Set