Casey Kerry Blue Terrier

Breeding Philosophy

It is our opinion that even if a dog is a successful show dog it might not fit into our goals for a stud dog or brood bitch.

We are primarily exhibitors and as such enjoy our time at shows far more than staying home with puppies. Therefore, our litters are planned when we have the time and energy to devote to raising them. We maintain only a few dogs in our home and usually have only one or two bitches we are interested in breeding.

Using the breed standard and years of experience, we have worked very hard to develop an identifiable style of Kerry Blue that is pleasing to us and competitive in the show ring. When we choose a stud dog for our bitch we look for a dog that is complientary in either style or pedigree. We strive to produce an elegant, athletic, powerfully moving Kerry with vigor and longevity.

We began breeding in a time when health testing was in its infancy. Since that time we have come to understand the value of obtaining health clearances on all breeding dogs. We OFA (hips), CERF and DNA profile any dog used for breeding. We have incorporated the currently available DNA tests: DM, vWd and Factor XI, into our protocol. The Kerry Blue is a generally healthy breed, but there are no guarantees as to the lifetime health of any dog. Many factors contribute to a healthy pet. This responsibility is shared by the breeder whose influence comes before the puppy is born and the owner, thereafter.

We breed our dogs for ourselves and hope to make a contribution to the breed with each litter. Rarely do we breed our bitches before they are three years old as we feel it takes that long for the Kerry to fully mature mentally and physically.

Breeding is a full time commitment that is both rewarding and bittersweet. Every litter brings the promise of dreams to be fulfilled. Every puppy is a representative of the breeder's hard work and careful choices.